How to Make Lips Look Younger

how to make lips look younger

Luscious Lips natural lip pump.

Have you ever wondered how to make lips look younger? If you have smiled at yourself in the mirror or meticulously pored over recent photos trying to decide just what is different about your facial appearance, consider this: Lips shrink with age and if your smile is showing more teeth than you remember, your lips need a tune-up.

The beauty barons have certainly jumped on the proverbial band wagon because we see ads for lip enhancement product advertisements in the drug stores, on TV, magazines, web pages, e-zines and more. The choices are astounding and you just might be confused by all the hype to create fuller lips.

Years ago when you realize that your lips were not quite as full as they were when you were in your early years, you may have pulled a Joan Crawford; drawing outside the line was fairly popular for awhile. Maybe you fooled most of the people but you knew that your lips did not have a pout and you probably looked a little funny.

In the 80’s and 90’s plastic surgeons began to experiment with certain fillers that were either injected or implanted surgically to enlarge mostly the top lip. These temporary fixes transformed the lips but the results were not always optimal. The lips sometimes felt very hard, rock-like, and those lumps and bumps shouted to everyone that your lips were less than authentic.

Using unnatural substances and chemicals to plump up your lips means that you are willing to spend a lot of money and to risk damaging the very essence of who you are.

Lip Serums and Potions came on the scene and they have been snatched up by women on most every continent. Buyer beware because even those innocent and sometimes very expensive, gooey lip preparations that promise to enlarge your lips may subject you to a very nasty surprise, especially if you are sensitive to certain chemicals and ingredients.

Do they really deliver on their promises to make your lips fuller? Or do they just provide a sensation that something is happening?

Why is lip enhancement important? What causes lips to lose their fullness? Lip and eyes are focal points on our faces. If the lips appear thin and hard, this affects the entire face. Typically, women stop wearing lipstick because of bleed lines surrounding their lips. Lines begin to form above the lips and around the mouth when there is less fullness.

Lip tissue is soft tissue. This provides fullness and definition to our lips. When lips lose definition and shape, our mouths can look withered and drawn, even misshapen.

Muscle atrophy is partly to blame. If your top lip is shrinking the muscle surrounding the lips is losing its battle with Mother Nature. Maybe you have pursed your lips, maybe you need a better bite or maybe you just need to pump up those lips.

There is a safe and sane lip product that will create full, pouty, more kissable lips without lumps, bumps or risks. Rather than injections or surgery or anything gooey that burns, sears delicate tissue or creates mouth sores you might want to try a lip pump device.

A lip pump device creates a very gentle vacuum action that slowly coaxes your own body fluid into the lip area and locks it there so that the size of the lips increases about fifty percent. Daily use assures that your lips stay fuller longer and longer.

This natural process of lip enhancement does not put anything into the body. There is no pain and there are no drawbacks. Oh sure there has been some reported bruising for those over zealous users but basically it’s a safe bet that if you would like to see fuller, younger looking lips, the lip pump will work for you.

The process of creating full, Luscious Lips does not happen overnight; rather, one must first condition the lips by slowing using the pump for just seconds per day. Using the pump for five two-second pulls for the first two weeks ensures that the lips establish and maintain fullness. After the initial two week conditioning period, the user can then use the device up to 120 seconds per day.

The lip pump is affordably priced, there is no risk and it can be used by both men and women. Results are a small miracle especially for those whose lips are without definition, color and fullness.