I have had my ears cut off to try and fix my face: Alicia Douvall blasts predatory plastic surgeons as she reveals her face is so botched she can’t smile at her baby

Plastic surgery can have pitfalls – imagine spending a million dollars to fix a botched procedure just so you could smile at your baby. She first went under the knife when she was 17, and since then has had six nose jobs, 11 procedures on the skin around her eyes, cheek implants (both adding and…

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I spent £5,000 to look 10 years younger

Looking ten years younger doesn’t have to cost a fortune and this gal who spent quite a bit of money for procedures isn’t finished spending money yet. At the age of 42 a face can look old and tired because the underlying muscles are lax which means they no longer adequately support the facial skin. When sagging occurs, wrinkles, sags and bags become visibly apparent and that is what concerns the wearer.

How long will this woman continue using drugs to plump and paralyze her face? Ten years? Twenty years? Will her face become misshapen and no longer recognizable with years of repeated injections?

Using Facial Magic facial exercise to prop up her droopy features will force oxygenated blood to the tissue so that her face will look vibrant and youthful. No drugs, injections or untested substances are needed to look five, ten even fifteen years younger. Exercise is safe and proven to give the user the youthful face they desire.

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How cosmetic fillers can destroy your looks

I’ve been suspicious that injections that plump and paralyze would leave tell-tale lumps and bumps under the skin. Now there’s evidence that blindness, facial collapse, herpes, rheumatic disease and blue-tinged flesh are possible side effects. EWWWWWWWWWW! Just remember that by using Facial Magic you won’t have untested substances injected into your beautiful face. Exercise will…

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Brazilian TV model dies during liposuction after suffering perforated kidney at private clinic

This is indeed sad news! I’ve heard that liposuction is a dangerous procedure and for this young gal, her liposuction stint claimed her life. Pamela Nascimento was only 27 years old and this was her third go-around with this very invasive procedure. She had undergone several surgeries but this time, luck was not on her side. Ladies, it’s time to wise up to the fact that all surgeries and procedures have risk. You might think that something untoward could never happen to you but you never know. Prayers for her and her family.

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Facial Exercise Saves You Money

By Cynthia Rowland Many women rue the day that they began using costly injections to plump and paralyze their faces. It sounded so simple – a few injections here and there just hoping to delay and stave off the effects of an aging face. After all, who wants to wear a face that sags and…

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Beautiful Women and Freida Pinto

If only we were all born with the exotic, smoldering good looks of Freida Pinto, the beautiful Latika, in the Academy Award winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire. Ms Pinto, a native Mumbian, dreamed of becoming an actress from an early age. Her desire for fame and success began and there is no doubt she made it happen for herself.

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Facebook, Skype Give Cosmetic Surgery Industry a Lift

You do not have to resort to costly and dangerous plastic surgeries or injections to look better on camera. Whether that camera is in your office, your home or on a sound stage, you can look better than you have in years by simply learning how to exercise your face. Facial exercise will lift a sagging, double chin, stop the dreaded wattle and jowls plus pouches will lift up and back into the hairline. Without drugs, sutures, scalpels or needles, your face can look 5, 10 even fifteen years younger in just hardly anytime at all.

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Paralyzing Injections – Do Young Women Need Them?

What a racket!

Whoever thought, then developed, paralyzing injections that freeze certain muscles using a neurotoxin is certainly a gizzilonaire by now. To think that men and women could fall for such an outrageous marketing gimmick is tantamount to buying a bridge in the Arizona desert.

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Facial Fitness on Bravo’s ‘Pregnant in Heels’

Appearing on a television show seems like a good idea; however, these Bravo TV stars did not believe my firm forehead was a result of facial exercise. That’s what happens in Hollywood…the stars are “brainwashed” into believing that paralyzing and plumping injections are the only avenue to keep one looking younger. They are not…in fact,…

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Look Young To Date Young! 10 Cougars Who’ve Gone Under The Knife

Dating a younger man can make you feel alive and exciting. Having plastic surgery, hoping to enhance your face and body is a very iffy proposition because surgery can be a dangerous, slippery slope. What if you don’t like the outcome? What if your friends and family snicker behind your back after seeing your newly altered self? You can look younger, date younger men and have the best enhancements using facial exercise. No drugs, no sutures and no mistakes! Yay!

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Appreciate Your Body — Or Alter It with Caution

Many, many men and women who undergo even the simplest cosmetic procedure have regrets that they altered their beautiful, God-given facial features. Whether the face has been plumped or paralyzed or cut and sutured, this type of change can be startling to the psyche. We need to remember that we can effectively change the shape and contour of our faces with exercise. Will we look 16 again? No, but we can look 5, 10, even 15 years younger and when we look in the mirror or see our friends and family, we’ll most likely be happier knowing that we look our best.

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Letter To Cynthia Rowland

I am so pleased to hear from Adriaen and wowee zowee, I am proud of her results. This testimonial is so powerful and I encourage men and women to use facial exercise rather than surgery or injections. Safe, proven and most of all, you’ll look like you, only younger! _____________________________________________________________________________ My letter to Cynthia Rowland (I…

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Rise of the ‘smartphone face’: Is technology to blame for sagging complexions?

I think that it is possible to stop and even reverse the look of a sagging jaw. First of all realign your computer monitor so that you are not looking down. Chin level, looking straight ahead is probably the best advantage for your face. The same with your phone…be aware of your facial posture, perhaps an ear piece would be helpful and if you’re using Face Time, position the phone more eye level.

Facial exercise will help correct those sagging jowls and that wattle. Try this exercise at your desk…(lift your chin, nestle your tongue flat in the roof of your mouth, push up with your tongue and count to five)

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Facelifts at 50 are an ugly betrayal

Sandra Parsons, author of the following article, Facelifts at 50 are an ugly betrayal, reminds us that “the simple truth is that all you have to do to look younger is lose a bit of weight, do some exercise and colour your hair. All it takes is the courage to start — because once you’ve begun, you won’t want to stop.”

That’s exactly why I love facial exercise. The movements create a vibrant, younger looking face. Heavy jowls and pouches? There’s a facial exercise for that! Tired of seeing droopy eyelids that impair your ability to wear your favorite eyeliner and shadows? Try this Upper Eye Exercise. Every portion of your face and neck can benefit from isometric exercise. No funny faces, puckers, twists or contortions.

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