Facial Exercise Saves You Money


By Cynthia Rowland

Many women rue the day that they began using costly injections to plump and paralyze their faces. It sounded so simple – a few injections here and there just hoping to delay and stave off the effects of an aging face. After all, who wants to wear a face that sags and looks misshapen?

Isn’t it amazing that those injections didn’t really make you look younger but rather they made your face look tight, puffed and rather unnatural looking? So many junkies/users of these cosmetic enhancements realize that they have spent countless dollars and at the end of the day their faces still are aging.

It’s a hard lesson but everyone needs to know this: Facial enhancements such as injections and facial plastic surgery do not stop the true cause of aging in your face. In fact, truth be told, injections can produce wrinkles in other parts of your face (think bunny lines on the sides of your nose when your forehead is paralyzed) and surgery that cuts muscle and skin may make your face appear unrecognizable, especially if you’ve had more than three procedures.

Your friends probably won’t tell you how unnerving it is to watch you converse and emote with a frozen, paralyzed forehead and outer eyes. You haven’t fooled anyone. We know that you’re hoping to disguise a lined forehead or the elevens between your brows.

The big question you must ask yourself: How many years of injections are you willing to endure? Do you wonder about your body and how it is faring with these different types of poison coursing through your veins?

Today, more and more cosmetic physicians are urging young women under the age of 30 to begin using injections, saying that this will help keep the look of aging at bay. Let’s do the math – 4 bouts of injections every four months for the next 30 years adds up to thousands and thousands of dollars spent, plus many, many pricks from a needle. But wait, are you willing to give up the endless wheel of injections at the age of 55. What? What if you live to your mid 80’s? How is your face going to look when it cannot be propped up any further with these unnatural substances?

Aging Backwards” guru, Jackie Silver, was a slave to injections until she discovered a true fountain of youth in the form of facial exercise. There are many, many women like Jackie, who realized that her face wasn’t looking any younger after years of injections. She was thoroughly over frequenting her doc’s office again and again just so she could feel okay when she appeared on her television show out of Florida. “At first I didn’t understand how facial exercise could stop the sagging in my face but then I learned the routine. Now my face is tightened, tone and contoured and I give all the credit to these amazing exercises.”

Many men and women falsely believe that facial plastic surgery and injections hold magical powers that will transform them to greater beauty and happiness when they peer into the mirror. Hold on! There is a statistic that you must know regarding these types of procedures. According to the Cosmetic Surgery Bible website, it has researched the industry and discovered that only 37 percent of those surgically enhanced subjects polled liked their results. Those are startling statistics!

Imagine saving and hoarding a lot of money, handing it over to someone wearing a mask and gloves and waking up not recognizing yourself. This happens frequently. There are no guarantees that the results you receive are the results you envisioned for yourself. Even if you choose the finest surgeon, things can go wrong. We’ve seen and heard the horror stories by looking at celebrities who have a lot more disposable income and can choose from a plethora of “Hollywood Docs”. Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on surgery or injectables, you can make a one-time purchase and enjoy the facial exercise benefits forever!

Consider exercising your face rather than using surgery or injections. Facial exercise will work for you, turning back the look of age in your face in just weeks. Most facial exercise users claim they easily look 5, 10 even 15 years younger after completing the basic exercise training. The results rival a surgical procedure without scarring, pain, sutures, drugs or surprises. You’re never too old to look years younger with these proven exercise movements.

Imagine seeing yourself looking better and better without expensive doctor visits. Imagine seeing your face transform using your age erasers, your thumbs and fingers. Every portion of your face and neck will lift, tone and tighten and the good news is that the entire exercise routine can be completed in just minutes each day. The results are usually seen from day one and all you have to do is slip into your white exercise gloves, stand in front of your mirror and follow the easy to understand directions. Your forehead, upper eyes, upper cheeks, lower mouth, crow’s feet, double chin and wattle will transform, smooth and lift.

Facial exercise will save you money and you’ll love your results because you will look like you, only younger and ageless.