Blueberries, Salmon, and Kale – Heart Health for Women

Susan Lucci, Erika Kane forever, attributes her heart health to eating blueberries, salmon, and kale every day. 

Evidently, according to a Fox news report, Susan had a heart problem, ignored it initially, and then, she had to admit that the “elephant sitting on her chest” was a big wakeup call that needed immediate medical attention.

Thankfully, Susan was near a hospital when her near death symptoms occurred for the third time, this time while shopping. A quick-thinking nurse who happened to work in that boutique drove Susan to the hospital.

Sure enough, stents were needed, and they saved Susan Lucci’s life. One of her physicians knew of her active, 6 day a week Pilates training and was rather surprised she had this health challenge – a heart attack of all things caused by two blockages.

Ms Lucci had indications there was something amiss. She admitted that she was so glad that the incident did not happen at home because she said she would have likely had a glass of water and then laid in her bed. Thankfully, she avoided “the widow maker” incident because she learned that there was a 90% blockage in her main artery.

Not only did Susan experience the “elephant on the chest” sensation, later on, a couple of years later, she experienced sharp, stabbing pain in her jaw and knew immediately she might be having another heart incident and that a visit to her cardiologist was needed. Sure enough, she had to have another stent placed.

Diet and exercise play a huge role in our wellness. What Susan Lucci did not realize was that her health condition was related to her father’s gene pool and stresses that we must know our family’s medical history to hopefully avoid catastrophic health occurrences. 

Have you studied your family’s medical history? Does diabetes, heart disease, and cancer run in your history? 

Starting now, today, you can always make a difference in keeping your body fit with foods that enhance your waistline, moving more – walking is a great way to start – find a partner so interesting conversations can develop, and don’t forget to express thankfulness and gratefulness for all that surrounds you.

Oh, and blueberries, wild caught salmon and kale along with a Mediterranean Diet  – YUM!