Bones Don’t Sag but Facial Muscles Do!


 Ever wonder what happened to those radiant apples that you used to see in your cheeks? Have they begun a downward slide and now your smile doesn’t look as appealing as it was some years ago?

If so, please understand that your bones are not sagging but your facial muscles are.

Facial muscles connect on one end to bone in the hairline and the other end weaves over and under other muscles. The ends of the facial muscles connect to either another muscle or directly into the skin.

When you see sagging cheeks, a sagging lower mouth, hooded eyes, a lax, lined forehead and either a double chin or the dreaded wattle forming, this is a clear indication that your facial muscles are elongating due to disuse.

Oh sure, we use our facial muscles when we smile, grimace, sing or even yell at our kids but these movements are not the type of exercise movements our faces require in order to maintain a youthful, healthy look or change droopy features.

The elongation of our facial muscles is the beginning of the look of old.

Now a lot of people develop a type of anxiety over aging that can create desperation. We know desperate people use desperate methods thinking that only outlandish procedures can help them stop the look of tiredness and distress they detest.

This is why the industry of beauty has grown in leaps and bounds. The docs offer temporary, expensive, risky “quick fixes” to plump and paralyze, the cosmetic companies hope you will believe their hype while most aging is attributable to lax muscles that only need exercise.

Using injections and surgery rather than exercise can make your face look misshapen and odd. There are plenty examples of this on the red carpet. Once handsome and beautiful, celebrities show the rest of us how detrimental these practices can be as procedures alter a once attractive and striking face.

These extraneous modalities seem to age the user quickly. We’ve seen early photos of celebrities before they used injections and surgeries; their God-given faces were in reality quite stunning. It is when they began to see drooping and sagging of their features that they began to mess with Mother Nature.

The results of injecting foreign substances into the face or cutting perfectly healthy tissue can only provide that first blush of difference temporarily and then the look of aging begins to become apparent again. More injections and more surgery can aggravate the look of old as distortion of the features becomes obvious.

Facial exercise changes everything about aging because face exercises produce a healthy, radiant, younger looking face without the side effects of drugs, injections, sutures or anything unnatural.

Facial exercise gives the user a natural face lift. Exercise helps the user look ten to fifteen years younger using the tried and true methods only minutes each day.

With fingers and thumbs housed in white cotton exercise gloves, specific, simple movements are employed that work to lift, tone and tighten those sagging facial features that create the look of old.

Don’t be fooled by exercise programs that do not use resistance and contraction.  Facial exercise can only work with the right type of exercise. Resistance and contraction are the requirements to keep your face fit and healthy.

Slowly and methodically, the once slack muscles begin to enjoy the rush of oxygenated blood created by the action of resistance and contraction of the muscles and muscle groups. You will feel the tiny muscles respond quickly to these contractions and almost immediately lifting of the exercised area is apparent.

Imagine seeing your eye brows lift as your forehead responds to the contractions that are held for thirty-five seconds, or sagging cheeks repositioning and contouring and the jaw line tightening as jowls and pouches recede to a more youthful visage.

This seamless transition of lifting and tightening the facial features using exercise will lift your spirits as your confidence level soars.

There are many benefits of using a natural method versus synthetic, man-made injections or iffy surgery practices. One important advantage of using facial exercise means that people will recognize you and they won’t talk behind your back questioning your sanity of allowing foreign substances to be injected or asking why you opted for a dangerous procedure that obviously altered your appearance.

So the next time you pore over your facial appearance in that magnifying mirror while you gently lift the sides of your face to eliminate the nose to mouth lines caused by sagging cheek muscles, remember that facial exercise helps you recapture the youthful face you thought you had lost forever.

No more sagging cheeks or bones; only lifted and tightened facial features that you create in the privacy of your home.