Can Injectables and Plastic Surgery Make You Look Older?

Deciding to seek an intervention to enhance your face may have just the opposite effect as young women are learning from a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

In a recent article on Daily Mail UK, Dr Daniel Barrett was asked to point out which new cast members of the UK based television show, Love Island UK likely had face work done. After examining images of these cast members, the good doctor was more than mildly surprised at the actual ages of these young women who were between the ages of 24 and 26, the doctor guessed the women’s ages were between the ages of 32 and 42!

Lip enhancement, facial fillers, nose sculpting, and breast enlargements were used by most starlets but unfortunately, these procedures did not help them look younger at all. In fact, the article states that the viewing audience polled stated they were shocked by the results they were seeing, believing that the injections of fillers had substantially aged the contestants.

All these years, we’ve been led to believe that fillers and surgery would reverse the look of aging but maybe we’re learning that if you begin these types of interventions while still in your 20’s and early 30’s, your facial features may be dramatically altered by these procedures and subsequently your face may never look young.

Having a plastic surgeon like Dr Barrett who has years of experience with faces realize that the women he’s seeing are at least 10 years younger than their photographs might send shivers down your spine if you’re considering using these types of invasive procedures hoping to create a younger looking face.

Multiple injections of fillers that plump and paralyze your facial features can begin to cause a detrimental effect on your beauty as these fillers rob you of a natural looking face. In fact, there’s a “wonkiness” that develops as lips and cheeks take center stage as your facial features may appear distorted.

The gals in show business seem to be under duress to look a certain way and that includes their faces. Over-the-top-too-much can happen not only to Hollywood types but also to everyday women who only want to look younger – don’t let that happen to you!

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