Can Wrinkles Be Erased?

Wrinkles form in the most interesting ways – some wrinkles seem to be superficial, yet others are deep and very visible.

Wrinkles that are formed in the forehead, those pesky 11’s and the very revealing horizontal lines, are there because of two very distinct repetitive motions. Lifting your forehead as you speak will indeed create creases, many horizontal creases that only full bangs can cover. Concentration lines, the 11’s, are formed when you frown and knit your brows together. 

Can these wrinkles be erased? Maybe. Can you stop making those motions? Facial Magic® has specific exercises for those areas and with the help of specific products like Scotch Tape®, glycolic acid, vitamin C serum, retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptides…the process of “erasing” begins.

Crow’s feet? First you must strengthen the sides of your face with exercise. Lifting the sides of your face near the temple will stop crow’s feet from forming. Using peptides and enriched eye treatments will go a long way in disguising years of squinting. Over time, crow’s feet wrinkles will lessen but no more squinting!

What about the lines that have formed from the nose to the mouth? Maybe there’s a fold there? Those can be rather shallow but left unattended, those faint lines will deepen and so will the fold. There is hope! If you stand in front of your mirror and gently lift the sides of your face up and back, does that area look improved? Yes. 

In order to begin the process of lessening the line or fold, the cheek muscles obviously are not correctly positioned, and that repositioning begins with the Facial Magic upper cheek exercise. This exercise requires gloves and your thumbs in your mouth. In 35 seconds, your cheeks are lifting and it’s quite possible that you see the lines briefly diminish, knowing that over time, your face will look better and better.

Exfoliation in the form of gentle glycolic and retinol consistently will provide better looking skin. 

What about the lines that can develop from the mouth corners to the chin? The marionette lines. Again, exercise will strengthen this area. Lifting and repositioning the upper cheeks first, then specific exercises for the lower cheeks begins to transform this region. 

Facial Magic exercise is key to keeping your face taut, lifted and toned. Think a wrinkle can form in that environment? Maybe if you’re over 75 and you don’t consistently exercise your face!