Cynthia Rowley’s Admission

Yes, it’s true. 

Necessity is the Mother of Invention, right?

It’s understandable if you live on a desert island, or a county where women have a difficult time enjoying cosmetics or perhaps an incarcerated female without funds, that one would pick up a Sharpie to use as an eyeliner.

Now granted, Sharpies have the reputation of indelible, non-smudging, long-lasting, inexpensive black ink but the practice of using this type of ink near your eyes must be examined.

How is it this topic of foregoing typical eyeliner is in the news?

According to the NY Post, Cynthia Rowley, a noted and long admired clothing designer, who lives in NY and runs a successful business has admitted that instead of using typical upmarket eyeliner that she can easily afford, she uses a thin-line Sharpie, black of course, to line her eyes!

As it turns out, Taylor Swift has also admitted that she used a Sharpie to line her eyes in her teen years.

So far no one has complained about eye infection, loss of sight or any type of malady indicating this practice is dangerous or is a threat to eyesight.

However, it is prudent to use tested products and peer reviewed products so let me recommend an eyeliner that I have been successfully using. Finding an eyeliner that stays put is one thing but finding a liner that assures application of a “thin line” is truly priceless!

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