Dark Circles Around Your Eyes

Watching a podcast with a beautiful woman, her sleek hair perfectly blow-dried and styled, and makeup well done except for those heavy, dark circles surrounding her eyes, it is as if her entire eye area is wrapped in brown. 

No puffiness, no lines, no hollows – just dark circles that extend from her inner eye downward about one inch under her left eye. The dark circle around her right eye isn’t as noticeable or as prevalent but the discoloration is definitely there.

Perhaps a long-time sinus condition has caused this discoloration. Or maybe she is exhausted because she is a hardworking woman who spends a lot of time on the air and participates in lots of personal appearances.

Could it be she inherited the “dark circles gene?” That’s a tough one because at least with an allergy diagnosis, her doc could help clear her sinuses. Or if she was diagnosed with hay fever, a common malady that can distort the undereye area with redness and puffiness, that condition can be eased with OTC remedies. If she has a thyroid condition or she suffers from anemia, dark circles around her eyes may be a life-long drag.

Lack of sleep comes to mind as she is frequently on the air by 5:00 a.m. What a schedule she must keep! Poor sleeping habits and a rigorous schedule can play havoc with our health. Living an arduous work schedule means going early to bed with hopes that sleep comes easily.

Funny, this gal never seems to be tired or act like she didn’t get enough sleep the night before her broadcasts. Never irritable but happy and excited for life, she probably is one of those gals who can sleep the minute her head hits the pillow, doesn’t wake for anything – maybe she wears a sleep mask and ear plugs.

If you have dark circles, it’s likely an inherited condition, you might benefit from drinking more water and performing the 100-circle exercise to increase the blood circulation around your eyes. Try a brightening serum like Vitamin C  and use an eye treatment with peptides in the formula. 

Most undereye camouflage foundations can work, just use a light application of peach or pink to start. And, if you’re reading this, on television with dark circles invading your undereye, let’s get you started using Facial Magic.