Did You Smile Today?

Is that an odd question?  Has smiling become passe?

As more and more time is spent in front of the computer, the art of smiling has been lost.

How do I know this?  As an anti-aging expert who deals with natural facelifting techniques, the “down-turned mouth club” has never been bigger.

Time spent alone in front of a computer means there is very little interaction with others. Hours can easily pass without moving from the chair as url after url is viewed. Typing on a keyboard can consume hours as well and again, there is usually little interaction between you and others which means it is likely you have not smiled for hours and hours at a time.

Think about this:  What does this inaction mean for your face as teeth clench and your mouth sets in a hard line?

Facial features – cheeks, brows, eyelids, mouths and more are affected by gravity. 

The lower face can be compromised when there is very little interaction with others as in actual conversation and smiling. Skin can become soft, lax and lifeless from disuse. That’s when small lines can turn into full-blown wrinkles in your lower face as mouth corners begin to head south.

When mouth corners sag that’s when you can see the initial development of marionette lines that can etch into your lower face from the mouth corner to the jawline. Not a pretty sight. 

Lifting the lower mouth with exercise can greatly improve your face. Consistency is required because those hours and hours and hours of allowing the jowls, pouches, and droopiness to occur without intervention takes time to correct.

Facial exercise, not twists, puckers, funny faces, or contortions, but exercise movements that employ anchoring and contraction techniques, will reliably begin the transformation of your facial features to look and act younger. 

Using the proven exercise system offered by Facial Magic®, this comprehensive program provides all the tools you need to effectively lift, tighten, and tone your entire face. This type of intervention is safe and effective without any harmful substances or drugs because exercise is natural.

Training your face with Cynthia means from Day One your upper cheeks and upper eyes will begin the process of lifting the heaviest muscles first. Week Two begins the targeted exercises for the lower face. Week Three two exercises begin the rehabilitation of the neck and jawline.

Each week two new exercises are introduced and added to the previous exercise teachings. In all, there are 18 exercises that address 15 regions of your face and neck. Each exercise requires 35 seconds of contraction. 

Spending copious amounts of time in front of a computer is sometimes necessary, just remember to lift those mouth corners in a smile every so often, get out of your chair to stretch your legs and step outside when you can to catch a few rays. And when you’re ready to look years younger, begin Facial Magic in earnest! Bring on the smiles!