Do You Chew on One Side of Your Mouth?

I can’t help myself. I watch faces. Young faces, teen faces, middle age faces, elderly faces…faces fascinate me!

While having lunch with friends I sat across from a 60-ish woman who has not had any face work or injections. She occasionally performs Facial Magic® and it shows. She’s fairly fastidious regarding skincare although she confessed, she had not washed her face the night before we met.

As we sat chatting, enjoying an appetizer, my eyes were immediately drawn to her lower left side of her mouth. What I noticed was a deepening wrinkle developing – almost like a marionette line but this wrinkle had a zig-zag look to it. From her mouth corner, I saw she was contributing to the look of old just because no one had explained how to chew her food so that wrinkles and deep lines were not developed.

There are all sorts of lengthy news pieces and information online regarding chewing your food. 

A few of those articles address why one side of your face is larger, thicker and bulkier. Not symmetrical and slim…

If you exclusively chew on one side of your mouth, your face will look lopsided.

Practice chewing on both sides of your mouth equally so that you won’t create TMJ, planed, worn down teeth on the side that is used for chewing or jaw pain.

Grab your mirror, watch yourself eat a few meals if you can. What do you see?

One distressing feature of chewing on only one side is that is seems to accentuate bone loss and damaged gum tissue is quite possible if the situation is not corrected. Visit with your dentist if you see lower mouth wrinkling when you chew your food

Bottom line:  Chewing on one side of your face will make your face look saggy.

Tips from Jack Posobiec:

1. Do not chew with your mouth open or smack your lips

2. Chew slowly and take small bites

3. Never speak with food in your mouth

4. Do not reach, respect boundaries

5. Wait before your companions have finished chewing before asking them a question

6. Don’t stuff your mouth