Do You Listen to Your Body?

Portrait of confident young medical doctor on blue background

Someone I know rather well began asking confidential questions of health conditions she was experiencing. Over the last year, she asked if I knew much about blood tests for parasites (I don’t – is there such a thing?). There were other questions. Here’s what I learned:  Lethargy, leg pain, back ache, stomach pain and even foot pain were plaguing her.

Going through periods of immobility, needing more rest than usual, changing shoes from cute and flirty to serious footwear while including prepared meals from a health kitchen in California, taking vitamins and supplements recommended by her son, she seemed to be willing to be more active but there was still this nagging feeling that something was not quite right inside her body.

After experiencing multiple surgeries through the years, some elective, two quite medically necessary, it seems she was intuitively directed to a specific site in her body – the colon.

Preliminarily, she has confided that “something” was in her first test and now a colonoscopy is recommended. Her colonoscopy is scheduled over 30 days from when an abnormality was discovered.

Listening to her inner feeling and intuition prompted her to respond appropriately.

If you have knee pain, your body lets you know if a medical intervention is required. That was easy but there are other signs, often ignored initially, that act as a signal that something might be off.

Whether you have an unexplained pain or a dull, persistent ache, these unexplained twinges may be a result of a health condition trying to develop. Make an appointment with your physician or naturopath. 

Becoming attuned to your body is important. Here are three affirmations to repeat throughout the day every day: 

  • I choose wholeness
  • I am happy, I am healthy, I am prosperous
  • I am renewed in mind, body and spirit

Repeating affirmations trains your brain!  Helping everyone feel good with less stress and worry is our goal for you!