Does Smiling Cause Wrinkles?

Does Smiling Cause Wrinkles?
by Jackie Silver,

Does smiling cause wrinkles? While repetitive facial movements could cause fine lines and wrinkles, some people go to the extreme of actually avoiding smiling altogether just to stay young looking! Really? In fact, ABC News reported a while back that Kim Kardashian says she avoids smiling because it causes wrinkles.

The article states, "The Kim Kardashian West selfie is iconic. Along with the selfie, fans always question why the reality star doesn't often smile in her pics. Yesterday on Instagram, North West's mother explained why. 'See I do smile...even laugh on occasion. Not too often though because it causes wrinkles,' she wrote next to a pic with her friend Shamari Maurice, both laughing."

Then, reported a story about a woman who hasn't smiled for FORTY years because she's afraid of getting wrinkles. "Tess Christian's female friends look the picture of merriment when they get together for their frequent Friday nights out in a local restaurant. Champagne flows, the conversation gets steadily more raucous and peals of laughter hang over their table. But there’s always an odd one out in the happy scene: Tess, 50, who sits stony-faced while her friends giggle around her. Not even a flicker of a smile, let alone a laugh, escapes her lips."

There are even some experts who think this is a good idea. Personally, I don't agree. I am one of the "smiliest" people you could meet and I still manage to look much younger than my late-50 years. My secret? Facial exercises! Years ago, I used to get all kinds of injections to "erase" wrinkles, but thankfully I discovered Facial Magic and now avoid that frozen look while staying young-looking and wrinkle free.

You can even try it for yourself for free. Just go to Facial Magic and click on the free eye lift tutorial under the Facial Magic tab. It really only takes less than a half hour a few days a week to keep wrinkles away naturally, while still smiling and laughing to your heart's content. Scientific American reports that smiling can actually make you happier, so why would you want to avoid happiness? Go ahead - smile, laugh, celebrate, be happy! Just make sure to do your facial exercises.