Don’t Forget the ‘100 Circle’ Exercise

Are your crow’s feet more than a slight crinkle when you smile or squint?

If so, those tiny lines can easily begin to deepen and lengthen as repetitive motions continue.

There are many suggestions to try when lines appear:  wear large sunglasses, wear a broad brimmed hat, slather more eye treatment at night, wear specially designed eye patches that immobilize and curtail squinting, deeper exfoliate, laser treatment, and as a last resort – stop smiling – and there are likely more.

The root cause of crow’s feet is muscle atrophy. 

Think about this – your forehead, eyebrows, upper eyes, and temple area can and will become less vibrant. Everything begins to look droopy and you may experience the look of tiredness. This escalating condition of muscle atrophy can produce horizontal lines across your forehead and 11’s between your brows.

You may feel hopeless but take heart, Facial Magic® offers a free upper eye exercise that you can practice 6 days in a row that will begin lifting your eyebrows, tightening sagging eye lids while creating a wider distance between your eyebrows and eye lashes.

Here’s the link to learn how to lift your upper eyes:

The 100-Circle Exercise reminds us to refrain from stretching the very delicate skin around the eyes. 

Lubricate the tips of your ring fingers of each hand. Begin under the inner brow, move your fingertips outward toward the outer brows, now gently under the eyes, and continue around the eyes until a complete circle has been made around the upper and lower eye region. Gently perform this exercise 100 times around each eye making certain that the area is well lubricated before you begin.

This gentle exercise treats the skin with a “reverse” action. When you smile, the eyes crinkle in a certain way and this exercise along with other Facial Magic exercises assures that the muscles that support the undereye areas are toned and tightened.