Don’t Forget to Dermaroll Your Face!

I confess! My SkinRehab Dermaroller has sat without any action for at least three months. 

Little did I realize that neglecting the use of this little handheld needling device, my face, especially the very thin lower mouth area, would immediately respond as I began the Dermaroller routine. 

Seriously, in less than two minutes, my facial skin looked amazing as in plump and revitalized.

I took the plunge and followed with the Hydra C Ferulic knowing that my face would sting for about 20 seconds. After all, adding these anti-aging acids to your skin (hyaluronic, ascorbic and ferulic) not only aids in brightening, you cannot miss the plumping effect causing fine lines to practically disappear.

Out of sight, out of mind.

My Dermaroller was safely tucked in a drawer because when something is recommended for use only once a month, no need to keep it front and center or is there a need for constant reminding to use a product that truly makes a difference in your skin’s appearance? 

The reason I reclaimed my SkinRehab Dermaroller from the bottom of the drawer is because Janet Leone, one of our Facial Magic success stories had visited her facialist who suggested using a roller to further diminish fine lines. We sent her one of our SkinRehab Dermarollers and I saw her face 24 hours after she had used it. The results were evident!

A word of caution:  knowing that the Dermaroller’s micro-needling recommendation for use is once a month, it’s very tempting to use it once a week or so just because the results can be so amazing. The premise behind this clever set of rolling needles is to lightly injure the skin so that the body’s healing mechanism immediately kicks in. I must confess that I have used this nifty little needle contraption more than once a month without any detrimental effects.

Using the SkinRehab Dermaroller may seem a little daunting as in a big “ouch” factor, but seriously, you control the contact. Just roll lightly until you get the hang of things. Always roll with a clean, sanitized device on clean skin. Finish with a dynamic serum and you will likely see stunning results that last!