Don’t Forget to Exercise Your Nose

Look in the mirror – is your nose growing?

Find a close-up photo taken years ago. Scrutinize your appearance in that photo. Are your eyelids taut? Eyebrows still youthfully positioned? What about your nose tip? 

You see, as we mature, the muscles that sit above our nose (forehead, for example) and the area between our brows begins to soften and shift. Some might say our nose grows in length but in actuality, the softening muscles allow the nose, especially the tip, to drop forward.

This drooping alters our appearance as we begin to resemble our older relatives. 

Faces take on “a certain look” as a person matures. Fine lines and wrinkles develop not only around the eyes but also a fold or a line begins its sinister development between the nose and the mouth interrupting your beautiful or handsome face.

Deepening forehead lines, both horizontally and those pesky elevens between our brows is a clear indication that an intervention is needed to head off droopy facial features.  When are wearing “concentration lines” impressive? Maybe for an intense or serious business meeting but, otherwise, they detract from your natural beauty.

The recommended intervention to stop not only a growing nose and a nose tip that is quickly headed for the upper lip is an all-natural solution that stops sagging facial muscles without using anything harmful or invasive.

This intervention will also stop the cause of aging in your forehead, your upper eyes, crow’s feet, cheeks, jowls, pouches, the dreaded wattle, your jawline and double chin.

Yes, this proven intervention is a facelift without surgery. There is nothing harmful or untoward regarding this type of remedy to help the user’s face look years younger.

Facial Magic® is the most wonderful beauty product in the world because this exercise program returns your face to a younger looking you in just minutes a day. Yes, the nose tip, and more can be successfully exercised so that your face will look 5, 10, even 15 years younger in just weeks.

Start today!  What do you have to lose? Only a dull, aging face that makes you look and feel older than your years.