Eating Veggies Fills You Up, Not Out!

So, were you thinking that Kim Kardashian’s breath sapping, extremely shocking 19-inch waistline that she premiered at the Met Gala was a result of her dietary habits? Well, even though she admits salmon and veggies are her favorite meal, her extremely small waistline and very thin frame may be a result of Ozempic use.

Weight loss is usually a topic of conversation along with facelifts, cosmetics, skincare items and these topics are discussed ad nauseam whenever people, especially women, get together.

These intimate conversations reveal evidence that these connected issues impact every person’s attitude towards love, beauty, and life itself.

Our love affair with food began when we were very young as our mothers offered us green beans, smashed green peas, applesauce and maybe rice cereal. These wonderful foods energized our growing young bodies.

As we entered elementary school our eating habits were likely formed but somehow, maybe it was the introduction in our teenage years to fast food or restaurants that catered to deep fried food items that began to turn our food choices from fresh and natural to prepared, ‘jump off the shelf cellophane wrapped’ fake foods that are nutritionally bereft and super cheap to buy. 

How has this affected our bodies? Ahem…our society has longed for a leaner, healthier body yet legions continue to indulge in fast food or foods that are chemically laden, or foods that are sugary, carb enriched, fat producing, and health robbing. 

Processed and ultra-processed foods create health related issues like metabolic disorders – abdominal fat, diabetes, and likely an overweight body, producing further discouraging symptoms like breathing challenges and heart discomfort.

Reading labels on everything from soup to nuts and even some sour cream brands is a must these days as hidden and disguised food additives sabotage ‘once never would have thought this food would be altered in such a way…’

Once thought to be out of the clutches of evil-minded thugs who want utter control of our foods, there’s a new poison on the block that must be avoided at all costs – APEEL…once it has been applied, the chemicals cannot be removed. Therefore, the fruit or vegetable is forever tainted and should never be consumed.

Buying organic fruits and vegetables from reputable stores like Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and Trader Joe’s, assures you that you’re likely getting at least pesticide-free produce. Is the cost noticeably higher? Well maybe, but it is negligible. 

How many veggies do you purchase and eat each week? Broccoli, cauliflower, red onion, carrots, celery, Persian cucumbers? Creating a large bowl of ‘small-chopped’ veggies, kept on hand in a resealable bowl takes less than 20 minutes to prepare and having this practically calorie free-staple at your fingertip’s beats grabbing a sandwich or a handful of chips when you are ready for food. 

Chopped veggies make a great side dish. Scrambled eggs with a side of veggies are a wonderful breakfast for almost everyone. Salad leaves, whether Romaine or Spring Mix, is the ideal accompaniment to your veggies. Having the veggies prepared beforehand saves time and all you have to do is scoop and eat.