Faces Come in Fascinating Shapes

Round, square, rectangular, and heart shaped…faces come in many shapes, but they have one factor in common:  after the age of 35, those beautiful facial features begin to shift due to the effects of gravity, lifestyle choices, and age in general.

No matter how carefully you tend to your face, at some point, you will notice the softening and flattening of your cheeks, the slight fold or line developing between your nose and mouth, eyelids and brows misbehaving, and then there is your chin. 

Chins and jawlines can look heavy as the upper face loses volume, the cheek muscles begin their slide downward, accumulating around the lower face and all of a sudden, your face and skin are wearing the look of an older person because jowls are a dead giveaway that your once youthful face is leaving. 

The shape and contour of your face relies on the strength and position of your tiny, hidden facial muscles.

Heavy jowls, the dreaded wattle, and a double chin are not exactly attractive because these facial features tend to shout that an intervention is needed. Maybe gaining weight and inactivity have led to this look but there is a remedy that can, non-surgically, without danger or pain, stop and lift these offending areas to create a more youthful face.

The secret to a youthful face is exercise – plain and simple – starting at the age of 25 or so, if you begin to faithfully exercise your facial features a few times a week, you will wear a youthful face well into your later years.

A word of caution – not all facial exercise programs will work. Twists, puckers, funny faces, or contortions will not provide the lifting and toning you expect. Maybe that’s why facial exercise programs that feature those very motions say their clients only look 3 years younger. 

Rather, the most advantageous facial exercise program uses proven techniques of isolating, then anchoring the muscle or muscle group with thumbs and fingers to assure lifting occurs when the contraction is initiated.

There’s more:  Specialized facial exercise works for most faces; however, if you have waited, looking in the mirror, holding the sides of your face to visualize the look of yesteryear without actually getting started, your results may be slower in developing because exercising a 60 to 70 year old face versus exercising a 40 year old face means more time is needed to accomplish your goal of looking 10 – 15 years younger. 

Lifting, toning, and tightening facial features requires only minutes a day of actual exercise. When you choose Facial Magic® facial exercise, you are choosing a proven program that will have you looking better and better. All you have to do is slip on your gloves and follow along.