Faces – Round, Heart Shaped, Rectangular, Square

Young woman with half of face with muscles structure under skin. Over white background.

Faces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Big eyes, small eyes, large mouth, small mouth, pointed chin, rounded chin, thin lips, large lips…you get the idea.

Observing angles portrays all manner of possible scenarios.

Finding a symmetrical face is rare. Usually, there is quite a difference in how eyebrows and eyes are placed, nose to mouth symmetry and over-all tone or laxity of the face. 

When I was first introduced to facial exercise, I was intrigued but not a believer. In fact, I was highly skeptical because what was touted as facial exercise and still is today, are twists, puckers, funny faces, and contortions that contribute to additional facial wrinkling because of repetitive motion with no resistance.

Watching and observing how Marcelle, my mentor, with her hands-on knowledge of muscle structure helped me understand that most faces could be made to look and act younger with thumb and finger placements that grasps the muscle while it contracts. Tweaking finger and thumb placement is the key to even greater results.

Faces that are droopy with lifeless cheeks, double chins and falling eyebrows are challenges. Filling those cheeks with artificial substances would be costly and the result could look suspiciously overdone. Usually procedures are not a “one and done” thing.

That’s why Facial Magic® is so beneficial to every face – plumping up cheeks naturally over time provides the user with newfound prettiness. Most users over the age of 60 find their face looks better and better in just days!

Faces that are younger, in the 30 – 40 range, without a lot of laxity in their features will certainly benefit from the Facial Magic program so that upper eyes and eyebrows stay youthfully positioned, cheeks maintain their “apples” and jaw lines and necks remain tight and lifted. Beginning a proven exercise program that requires only minutes a day to complete will most likely provide the user with a youthful face throughout their 70’s and longer.

No matter the shape of the face, Facial Magic can lift, tone and tighten facial features so that every face can look better, younger and prettier.