Fix Jowls and Pouches with Facial Exercise

Jowls and pouches are evident on your face and they make you look older; they cannot be disguised and the look will only worsen if you do not stop them now. They’re caused by the most sneaky, slow, hardly perceptible elongation of those hidden muscles under your skin near your lower cheeks and mouth. Without warning, the tiny muscles lose their strength and when they do, you see aging in a very new light. It is happening to your face and it is doubtful that you want to cheer about it.

Facial muscles, connected on bone in your hairline, support your skin. As the muscles atrophy and shift, you will see aging as your skin moves south.

Muscle atrophy is defined as tissue that has decreased in size, a wasting away, progressive decline, degeneration. That pretty much describes what happens to faces over the age of 35. We see the progressive decline as in spongy cheeks, jowls and pouches, a lined forehead, hooded eyes, a less than defined chin line and soft, spongy flab that used to be a youthful neck.

Sagging facial muscles collide into other muscles and muscle groups, creating lines and wrinkles, folds and bags.

Watching your face take on the look of an elderly/matronly/aging relative can be difficult to bear. Many women remark that their face is beginning to resemble their mother’s – they see the same downward slide in their face that they witnessed in their Mom’s face or some women say they inherited their Dad’s sagging eyelids. Sagging facial muscles are not inherited; rather, they are a result of disuse of the muscles.

Wearing long hair, glasses, up-turned collars and turtlenecks in July will not camouflage the signs of aging; however, there is a solution that corrects the cause of aging without anything harmful or invasive and that is specialized isometric with contraction exercise movements.

Rather than settle for injections that plump and paralyze – they only mask the symptoms because the muscles will continue to elongate and soften – requiring a substantial investment of cash and a willingness to subject your body to substances that may not be healthy, certainly increasing the likelihood of unwanted additional wrinkles, not to mention a misshapen face after years and years of injecting foreign substances, you might want to consider a natural, safe, proven alternative that will have you looking better than you have in years.

That’s right! Facial exercise that uses techniques to isolate, anchor and contract wayward muscles will deliberately and systematically begin to lift, tone and tighten sagging facial features so that in just weeks your face will begin to appear younger with glowing skin. From the inside out, your appearance will change and your confidence will soar.

What about facial plastic surgery? Won’t that have your face looking younger? Not necessarily. Surgery is pretty iffy and even though you might carefully choose a qualified surgeon, things can still go awry and you may not like the results.

Consider celebrities who have had wind tunnel face lifts, eye lifts with brows too high, over done lip enhancements and Double F breast augmentations. With all their money, facial plastic surgery is still a crap shoot when it comes to aesthetically pleasing results. Even though there have been advances in facial plastic surgery, cutting and suturing perfectly healthy tissue in the name of beauty does not resonate well with those wanting to look pretty, healthy and “green”.

Common sense tells us that exercise for the body produces great results. We see tummies flatten, buttocks lift and thighs slim in just weeks. The very same techniques that work so well for the body will also work for your face. The process is so easy! You’ll feel and see results the very first day.

Without drugs, injections, sutures, pain, disfigurement or anything harmful you can turn back the look of age in your face and neck using simple exercise movements. Jowls, pouches and even the dreaded wattle will be under your control using your thumbs and fingers as your age erasers.