Facial Exercise, Your New Best Friend

You could use a new best friend. A best friend that supports you, encourages you and helps you to always put your best face forward.

Growing old gracefully has never been easier when you choose the all natural pathway that Mother Nature would approve and that would be facial exercise.

Rather than resorting to costly drugs, surgery and invasive procedures hoping that nothing will go wrong, that you won’t become a statistic, facial exercise will easily begin lifting, toning and tightening your droopy facial features and you will like what you see.

Exercise is reliable. It doesn’t hurt, there’s no recuperative time, you’re never at risk and the results insure that your friends and family continue to recognize your face. And the best thing of all? You have the age erasers with you at all times – your thumbs and fingers.

Plastic surgery procedures seem so easy but using drugs and surgery certainly has drawbacks. There are side effects to consider and what if you don’t like the results? Statistics show that over 30% of plastic surgery patients do not like their results. Over-inflated lips, fuller than full cheeks, unnaturally taut and pulled foreheads can make anyone contemplating invasive, costly procedures think long and hard about committing to this type of intervention.

Consider celebrities who have resources; they are privy to the best surgeons and doctors that money can buy to re-invent their looks. Are they always pleased with the results? After all, they’ve decided to put their faces in the hands of a basic stranger, hoping for the best and even though they have hired well-trained physicians, these docs are humans who can have off-days. They’re not magicians and they can err just like anyone else.

While viewing recent photos from the Tony awards in NYC, it was evident that a lot of face work has occurred. Some actresses are so altered that they are practically unrecognizable and it is doubtful that was the goal because every celebrity enjoys the limelight on the red carpet. An unfamiliar face can happen when injections and surgeries are used to prop up a tired, old looking face or to fix flaws that no one else sees.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to want to look your best; maybe the celebs thought that they could start with one little procedure, maybe like Botox, but over time they begin to contemplate other problematic areas either real or imagined and before you know it, there were more procedures scheduled. After numerous procedures an altered face is going to look a little freakish, not necessarily younger, but certainly done. Procedure after procedure equals thousands and thousands of dollars spent. Over time the plastic results can look, well, plastic.

Maybe you’re one of those gals who are seeing obvious signs of facial aging; maybe you’re wondering just what in the world you can do to reliably and economically stop the hands of time.

Some of you reading this would never, ever consider using invasive and costly procedures that require bi-monthly or even bi-yearly upkeep realizing that the treadmill of services can easily and quickly become burdensome and could even get out of hand while the risk of complications increase.

The good news is this: Just as exercise works to slim, tone and tighten the arms, torso, tummy, hips and thighs – facial exercise – using techniques that isolate, anchor and contract those tiny, hidden muscles will tighten the droopy facial features that make you look old and tired. Faces that appear misshapen will contour in just weeks so the user looks and feels younger.

Aging skin looks sallow, dull and unattractive. Using topical products can remove dead skin cells and nourish thirsty skin but from the inside out, the benefits of facial exercise continue to mount. Your skin will glow and look smoother, and your confidence level will increase.

When you exercise your face your skin will thicken and become radiant from oxygenated blood that is forced into the tissues; your face will contour and lift with a more youthful shape. The sags and bags that plague your face will begin to take on a new appearance as they lift and melt into the hairline.

Most facial exercise users claim their face looks younger and younger with each passing week.

Facial exercise will indeed become your new best friend as you witness your changing visage; your cheeks will lift, your eyes will open, the dreaded wattle and sagging chin will strengthen and in just weeks you will be thrilled with your results. Your new best friend – facial exercise – will be there for you.