Facial Magic works for men and women

Droopy facial features, a lax jawline and a sagging mouth are dead giveaways that aging is waging a war on your face. No matter if you are male or female, atrophy will make its mark on your face. Disuse and gravity are two known aspects of aging.

Oh sure, sun damage ages our skin but the real culprit of an aging face is apparent muscle elongation. That’s right! Gravity lengthens the facial muscles. Folds and lines appear as the muscles collide into each other. The skin has to follow the pathway the muscles are taking because the facial skin is attached directly to the muscles.

Consider your jaw line…is it smooth or lumpy? Perhaps your jaw line is indistinguishable with no contour, no defining shape. Are there jowls and pouches forming or maybe they have been in place for a while? Looking in the mirror can have disastrous consequences if our faces look tired and old.

We want to feel good about ourselves and we want to look vibrant and alive. Sure, we work out our bodies at the gym. We take care of our ourselves in a myriad of ways but those workouts for our body have little to no effect on the shape and contour of our faces. We will begin to see sagging, droopiness and wrinkles in our skin set in at about age 40. How do we stop this look of old creeping across our faces? It’s remarkably easy!

Without anything harmful or invasive, without pain or recuperative time, you can maintain your youthful face using specialized, proven facial exercises. For those of you whose faces are in need of an intervention, most of our users over the age of 50 say they look 5, 10, even 15 years younger after completing this amazing exercise program. Look pretty or boyishly handsome in hardly any time at all.

Facial Magic teaches you to position your thumbs and fingers and this means you take control of the aging in our faces. Muscles will strengthen, skin will look nourished and your face will lift and tighten. Whether you choose DVD or OnDemand, we are here to serve you, to help you look better in weeks than you have in years.