Facial Yoga Hit Piece

Reading a recent article from the Cleveland Clinic regarding facial yoga – I found it very odd that the author’s name was not disclosed; however, the cited dermatology surgeon’s name was listed along with a massage therapist’s name who provided information regarding facial massage. 

The propaganda machine was in over-drive.

In the article the writer fretted that spending 30 minutes a day exercising a face was probably just too much time for self-care. Let’s see, exercising your body at the gym requires much more time than 30 minutes! Where’s the common sense? Preparing to go to the gym, packing your gym bag, driving, parking, registering, locker room chat, exercise class, cool down, clothes change, drive time home or to office will certainly require longer than 30 minutes.

The article cited “a small study” of age 40+ women participating. The writer neglected to interview the women who participated so we know nothing of the experience from their perspective. The one bright spot from the doctor was that she said the participants looked 3 years younger after completing the facial yoga program.

Did the physician perform any muscle testing or measurements on each face? How old were the participants? Where are the photos documenting the before and after results? Nothing was disclosed! What was the over-all condition of the women’s faces? How many weeks did these gals exercise? Who presented the instruction?

The article did suggest that more testing is required before the surgeon who was interviewed would say definitively yes or no “it works.” I’d say that a facial surgeon is likely not to recommend facial exercise unless they are provided specific information…like the Facial Magic® information developed by Mark Berman, MD, Past President of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons, Santa Monica, CA. 

What I did discover was a photo of the dermatology surgeon and guess what? I’m going to gift her a Facial Magic Starter Kit because after studying her face, I can see that she will soon develop marionette lines as her cheeks are heavy and there are dimples at the corner of her mouth.

I want everyone to have a great looking, beautiful face with lifted, toned and tightened facial features! 

Articles like I read are not helpful because misinformation is harmful.