From Flabby Face to Fabulous!

Remember Janet? Our trauma nurse who loves scuba and sky diving, working out and Facial Magic?

Well, her face is progressing nicely and I’m going to share grainy photos of her results.

This is Janet’s face after 6 weeks of Facial Magic exercise so that you can be as excited as I am for her results.

We have great plans for her because it is my desire to do for her what we did in years past for Bernice…let me tell you the story…Years ago, I received a four-page handwritten letter from a woman named Bernice from Florida.

The first line of her letter stated, “My hanging chin is gone! My friends say I look like I’ve had a facelift!”

Well, those statements got my attention – I read on and perused the photo of this 60-something

woman with a penny-red bouffant hairdo wearing a full double chin. 

I learned the photo I was holding had been taken on her honeymoon, but she explicitly reiterated that after 16 weeks of Facial Magic she was so impressed with her results, she had to let me know.

Bernice had included her telephone number and with heart pounding; I telephoned hoping Bernice would be willing to go through the transformation we had in mind for her. Willing she was!

We found the top hair stylist in her area, had her picked up in a limo, provided her with a day of beauty then off for a photo shoot with a skilled makeup artist and photographer capturing her Facial Magic face.

Photography then wasn’t nearly as sophisticated as it is now. We waited three weeks for Bernice’s photos to arrive.

A large white envelope from Florida arrived. Bernice had only told me that we had provided the most exciting day of her life, and that she looked marvelous! I carefully opened the over-sized envelope and my immediate thought was: “They sent the wrong photo!”

I was shocked to see a soft, beautiful woman peering back at me. Her results absolutely excited me!

Sticking with the Facial Magic exercise system will pay off handsomely in the future as you refine, lift and tighten sagging facial features.

Watch for upcoming photos of Janet! She’s transforming before our eyes!