Glycolic Body Smoother for drop dead gorgeous skin!

Nothing screams “age” like withered, dry, crocodile skin on legs, feet and arms.

Well, there’s a remedy for that and when I tell you that in just one use, you will see a remarkable difference, I want you to believe that!

Cell Renewal Glycolic Body Smoother is a creamy botanical formula designed to moisturize, soften and renew aging skin, sun damaged skin – skin that looks like no one cares! Do not use this product immediately after shaving because the glycolic will do more than just tingle. Use this product once every other day for the first week, then daily the second week and then twice a day after that. Always use sunscreen over the treated areas.

The secret to radiant, younger looking skin is continued use of this product so it can refine your skin’s texture, promote elasticity and soften the age lines found on arms legs and hands.