Guess Who?

Throw back Thursday is popular on Facebook. Here I am at age 7 with an eye for fashion and beauty. Notice I’m carrying a handbag, wearing a bracelet and socks with my sandals. My hair, styled surely by my mother, was very stylish. We lived on a farm near Enid, Oklahoma.

My mother’s best friend, Carly, was a high school teacher in Tulsa who had a vacation home about one mile from our home. Carly was to me, very sophisticated. After all, she lived in Tulsa, wore makeup, eyeliner and mascara. She introduced me to Vogue magazine when I was eight years old…that magazine made quite an impression on me as I was seeing photos of women across the world wearing only the finest couture. (A few years ago I was in the offices of Vogue and happened to see Anna Wintour twice in one day!)

I envisioned that type of life for myself. Thankfully, I’ve lived a most remarkable lifelong adventure that now includes again living in Oklahoma.

Do I miss international travel? City lights? The beach? Friends? Amazing cuisine? Open Sesame? Yes!

Thankfully, we have our memories.


  1. CHERYL PHELPS on January 6, 2022 at 4:16 pm

    What a special memory! I see the budding beauty guru in that very, very stylish 7 year old. Happily for us, she followed her mentor and her dream, as we ALL are the richer for it!! HAPPY 2022, dear Cynthia!!!!!!