Here’s How to Get That “Glow”

Are you envious of those whose skin absolutely glows? Like Jennifer Lopez’s beautiful face that glows from every angle…Catherine Zeta also wears glowing skin and this look is a result of a series of steps using certain products and processes.

Over the years I’ve observed and learned how this look is developed and the “glowy” look begins with a hairless face. That’s right, those light colored, soft hairs along with all dark ones have to go.

Your aesthetician can derma-plane your face and exfoliate your face on a regular basis. This can be quite expensive long-term so if you’re thrifty, and would like to save substantial dollars, this process of hair removal can be successfully mastered at home.

Most women I know would have better looking faces if they learned to shave their faces. Removing the facial hair via shaving also helps exfoliate your skin.

Your forehead doesn’t need shaving but if you grow hair on your cheeks, chin and jawline you can safely remove this hair and it will grow back soft and light-colored.

Remove the dark hairs that have developed with a tweezer.

Lather your face and with a sharp razor begin light downward strokes. Aestheticians use a scalpel so using a razor at home works well. Rinse your face well and pat dry.

There are several exfoliation options to use:  Smoothing Acid Pads, Glycolic Smoothing Lotion and Glycolic Polishing Gel. You do not have to use all three, just choose one and use it daily.

Retinol is another exfoliation tool that goes after fine lines and wrinkles. Use Retinol only at night. This is an important component to developing the glow. Use Nighttime Magic over the Retinol if your face feels too dry.

Vitamin C Serum brightens your complexion. Adding this product to the mix is a real boon to creating a lovely complexion.

**Our new product coming soon, Hydra C + Ferulic Acid, has Hyaluronic Acid that acts as a moisture binder. To me, this unique product completes and enhances the “glow” that denotes young looking skin.

Bottom line: Glowing skin begins from the inside out – drinking water, taking vitamins and facial exercise go hand-in-hand with superb skincare products.