Hideous or Just Plain Ugly?

Shoes, particularly sandals, have moved away from the fun and flirty, sexy mules that came in a variety of colors and styles that made every summer outfit sizzle.

What have the beautiful, sleek mules evolved into?  Clunky, dull, and masculine are the best adjectives to describe the current lot of upscale sandals. Culling through the choices can be painful as clunky thick heels and soles seem to dominate the scene. Where are the sleek, feminine shapes that make our legs look trim and slim?

Flatforms are the culprit of bad style – yes, they’re likely comfortable but do they complete your ensemble? Perhaps, if you’re pulling a Meghan Markle, wearing super long dresses and pants that hide the shoes, these flat, super chunky sandals do not elevate style.

Adding to the painful look that seems to resonate with fashion editors are the floral embellishments attached to the top of the flatform shoes. Really? Seems like wearing a big flower on top of your feet is for children. What’s next?

Pairing flatforms with the current crop of bathing suits might work just fine as bathing suits now resemble full-coverage leotards to the skimpiest of cloth artfully arranged to cover only the bits. Wearing tie-dyed flatforms with beach and pool gear works perfectly!

From ballet slippers to flatforms, the shoe industry is forever changing.

Printed miniskirts are coming, and the fashion photos from The Zoe Roport depict flirty shoes with 3-inch heels paired with these fashionable togs. 

Can you still wear a miniskirt if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s?  Possibly yes, if your face and legs can pass the muster.

Wearing a youthful face doesn’t just happen. Same with legs. If you spend time enhancing your body and your face with exercise, you can easily wear youth enhancing clothing that others may not find possible.

And that includes slipping on your favorite pair of flatforms and heading out to the gym.