Hiding Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles and the ways to disguise them have again hit the news.

Depicting Viola Davis’s tres chic bangs, her beautiful face and flawless complexion, Viola is the perfect poster girl for “curtain bangs.”  5 Best Haircuts for Women Over 50 (msn.com)

There are several “types” of forehead wrinkles that can plague both men and women. 

There are the 11”s that result in knitting our brows together, there are the horizontal lines that etch their way across our foreheads as we lift our eyebrows when we speak, and then, other lines, even diagonal ones can appear as slashes from sleeping or propping our forehead with our fingertips.

Apart from blocking the muscle activity in the forehead with paralyzing injections, hiding forehead wrinkles is an art form unto itself.

So far, there are only three ways that can disguise the lined forehead look:  bangs, maybe a hat or a cap pulled low, or the dreaded forehead injections to paralyze the muscle.

Exposing your forehead is daring if you wear forehead wrinkles. 

Bangs or Botox®?

Bangs are usually so attractive, and they can make your facial features look youthful, especially when the fringes meet the eyebrows.

Disguising those furrowed lines with hair year after year may become boring. In fact, you might tire of the bi-weekly snipping required between salon visits just to keep those forehead lines under wraps.

No doubt, a great haircut can create a youthful look, but more than that, did you know that you can actively exercise your forehead muscle to keep it free from wrinkles?

Once you begin lifting this broad, vertical muscle that imbeds itself in the hairline and reaches south, tucking itself under the eyebrows, you will notice how youthful your face will look.

Here’s what one surprised and extremely pleased client related when she first experienced the Facial Magic® facial exercise routine:  “I looked in the mirror and was like, ‘holy crap,’” Dr. Diana Kirschner said. “The eyebrows went up, the hairline went up immediately.” Psychologist, Author of the International Bestseller, Love in 90 Days.  Facial Exercise a Growing Anti Aging Trend 

Maybe bangs aren’t for you, but Facial Magic certainly is! Turn back the clock, refresh your facial features, look better than you have in years and wear your hair the way it best suits you!