How Do You Want Your Face to Look in 10 Years?

What a question – right?

This thought-provoking question can cause one to quickly reply that they want their face to look young in 10 years which is an admirable goal, but the real question is how will you accomplish that?

Life marches on and sometimes it’s very easy and convenient to forget that your face is under assault every day in numerous ways.

Sunshine is great in moderate amounts but if you want your face to look youthful and vibrant ten years out, then avoid baking it. Adding sun damage adds years to your appearance. Sunscreen does help shut out harmful rays but so does some cosmetic foundations. Wearing sunglasses to shield your eyes and to alleviate squinting, a large hat whenever appropriate helps keep your face in the shade and a white shirt, white trousers will keep you looking cool in more ways than one.

Your facial skin needs daily attention if you want your face to age well.

Cleansing, even double cleansing, exfoliation, treatments, and moisturizers all work to give you better looking skin, but you know that.

Cleansing, exfoliation, and treatments all work better when the hair from your face is removed.

Even if you have to lather and remove the fuzzy, unattractive hair yourself, your face will likely look better immediately. Remember to remove all stray, dark hairs carefully with a tweezer pulling in the direction the hair grows before you exfoliate with a razor. 

Washing your face, especially at night, prepares your skin to receive healing benefits overnight. Slather retinol and eye treatment, tuck your pillow behind your ear, and say your prayers.

Diet plays a huge role in keeping your face youthful. Fresh vegetables, fruit and greens just might be the best avenue for flawless skin. If you regularly indulge in adult beverages, your face will develop puffiness and perhaps discoloration.

Getting enough sleep is vital to keeping your face looking youthful. Puffiness around the eyes can occur overnight if you’re sleeping too flat. Elevate your sleeping position just a few inches to help lymph drainage. 

The most important aspect of helping your face to look youthful is adding Facial Magic® facial exercises and that is the perfect way to start the day. Slip on your gloves and move right into the easy routine of lifting your cheeks, your brows, stopping jowls and pouches, the dreaded wattle as you tighten and strengthen every area of your face and neck.

Deciding now, starting now will make certain your face looks better and better day after day, year after year. And, in 10 years – Big Wow!