How Does Your ‘Resting Face’ Hold Up?

Funny question, right?

Does your resting face create a sagging mouth?  A sagging mouth is going to cause long-term physical changes in your lower face if you allow your down-turned mouth to dictate what your face will look like in just a few years. As facial muscles lengthen, that sagging mouth can encourage the development of jowls, pouches, and the loss of jawline definition.

As we spend hours in front of a computer, it seems the lower face muscles can atrophy in such a way that not only is your mouth an upside down “C”, but this one-on-one alone time with your computer means you also spend less time smiling or even “flexing” those tiny muscles that support your lower face.

Placing a mirror in the area where you spend most of your time – an office…can reliably demonstrate how muscles begin losing their vitality. Watch your face while talking on the phone … does the mirror reveal that you wrinkle your forehead repeatedly? Forehead wrinkles will abound if you emote by raising and lowering your forehead with each sentence. Perhaps you unconsciously frown causing those 11’s to etch deeper and deeper between your brows.

There are other areas that you need to be mindful of so that you’re not accentuating or creating more lines and wrinkles – brushing your teeth and chewing your food!

Think repetitive motions. Repetitive motions encourage lines and wrinkles to form.

Most facial exercise programs that I’ve seen are guilty of repetitive motions that will indeed create more lines and wrinkles!

Think contortions and funny faces. Scrunching your face whether it’s called ‘facial exercise’ or not, this type of repetitive motion will not produce lifting and tightening of the facial muscles. In fact, additional wrinkles can become apparent rather quickly.

What about those who teach that twists and puckers actually benefit the skin and muscles? They do not!

Relying on injections and surgery does nothing to correct or benefit the actual cause of an aging face. Rather, these ‘masking techniques’ may have the opposite effect because just outlaying mounds of cash to plump or paralyze certain areas of your face does not guarantee that you will like your results. 

Remember, after three or four procedures, your skin and muscles may not respond to surgery and injections as well as you would expect. Same with laser procedures. 

The only truly safe, sane facial procedure is the beauty boosting effects of Facial Magic facial exercise.