How to Prevent Jowls from Facial Fitness Expert  Cynthia Rowland

Injections and Fillers, Mini Facelifts and Neck Lifts are the prescribed remedies to prevent jowls from a recent article written by a dermatologist in Minnesota.

How ingenious! 

Drugs and surgery. Drugs and surgery. Drugs and surgery are the mantra, the industry, of professionals dispensing ridiculous amounts of injectable drugs or meds prescribed orally coupled with the old “cut and slice” a perfectly beautiful face, and that is a recipe for a distorted, misshapen face.

Jowls reside on the jaw line and are a result of sagging facial muscles and skin. 

Just as folds develop along side the nose and extend to the mouth, or eyelids become droopy and crepey, or the dreaded wattle begins to form under your chin, these conditions of “aging” are a result of muscle atrophy that in turn drag down the skin.

Just like you see “aging” in your body with a thickening waistline, flabby arms and fleshy inner thighs, or a bulging tummy, these conditions usually are a result of muscle atrophy that can usually be helped by walking, yoga, bicycling, and other exercises that will likely change your physique. 

If your body can change for the better with just exercise, imagine how powerful an exercise program for the face can be!

Facial exercise can lift, tone and tighten sagging facial features. 

Not with funny faces or contortions or twists and puckers that will accentuate already present sags and bags. Learning to use thumbs and fingers to anchor, then contract your facial muscles means you are in control of the aging process.

Learning and performing Facial Magic® for just a few minutes will begin to reshape those sagging areas that make your facial features look old and tired.

In the beginning the program suggests that each exercise is performed 6 days in a row. Each week two exercises are introduced and added to the previous weeks’ movements – each exercise requires 35 seconds of contraction. 

The cumulative effects of pinpoint, proven, Facial Magic movements begin to show on your face almost immediately as eyebrows and cheeks begin to lift first. Week Two specifically addresses jowls and pouches. Week Three two neck exercises are learned. Throughout 9 weeks of training, 18 proven exercises are learned.