Is Exfoliation Necessary?

Using exfoliation products can help your skincare products penetrate up to 20% better. Yikes! Some of you have been wasting money and suffering disappointment thinking your skincare regimen isn’t working satisfactorily. It’s true – by not thoroughly exfoliating dead, gray, skin cells that accumulate in layers your skincare results can be diminished.

Fall is coming and this is an ideal time to begin gently removing the dead layers with physical exfoliation like the Cell Renewal Hydra Gel Exfoliant. This is ideal for all-over body care. Yes you can use it on your face but be super gentle when you’re making the circular motions. You will be thrilled to see dry, lifeless skin cells gone and clogged pores cleaned. Read more here.

We have several excellent facial products that will aid in wrinkle reduction and smoother, more radiant skin:  First there is the one-of-a-kind proprietary Daily Lift – all natural exfoliation that leaves your skin breathtakingly soft with super-refined pores. The Cell Renewal Glycolic Cream Moisturizer and Oil Free Glycolic Complex stimulate cell renewal while refining skin’s texture. Both are compatible under makeup. The Glycolic Cream Moisturizer ingredients include Beta Glucan, a skin smoothing agent. Hyaluronic Acid, the moisture magnet, is included in the Oil Free Glycolic Complex.   ,