It’s ALL About the Face!

No matter how you “frame it”, faces are everywhere.

Most photos include the face.

Sometimes you like the look your face portrays in photos and other times you might think your face looks too old or misshapen, even ugly. No doubt you are your own worst critic when it comes to photos.

Perhaps you’ve practiced your pose or have decided that one side of your face photographs better than the other. Practicing with selfies can be disheartening as you shoot many shots to get one you actually like.

What if you can’t create the photograph you desire? Oh sure, you can always use photoshop if you’re so inclined. Airbrushing always disguises the flaws but what if you don’t know that technique? What if you just want to naturally enhance your look? Specifically, your face.

When you critique those beautiful faces in a magazine, we know that they have all been touched with a magic wand. Even gals on television have behind-the-scenes enhancements because they too have flaws they want to disguise. Plus, professional lighting can produce amazing facial youthfulness and that asset is just not available to most of us.

So how do we achieve a more youthful face IRL so that we’re happier with our faces in photos?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • To get your face photo ready, no matter if you’re posing for a family photo, a reunion photo, or just a selfie, make certain your face is devoid of hair. Shave, derma-plane, whatever, just get rid of the hair on your face. Remove all dark hairs before you begin.
  • Brighten your face with regular exfoliation using glycolic, AHA’s or lactic acid. Dull skin shows in photos.
  • Further enhance brightening your face with Vitamin C Serum.
  • Add a light, very light application of Nourishing Facial Oil.
  • Choose a liquid foundation that matches your skin. 
  • Wear colors near your face that accentuate your face. What color is your hair? Most blonde gals look terrific in white and pastel colors…bright, primary colors seem to add striking contrast with those whose hair is darker or reddish.
  • Practice your smile. Do you have a Mary Tyler Moore smile? Use it!
  • Whiten your teeth so that you’re comfortable smiling.
  • Whenever possible face the light!

Here’s the best news of all…if you are a regular Facial Magic® user, your face most likely looks years younger so participating in photos is enjoyable because you are ready for your close up!