Janet’s Update and More

Progress is the name of the game!

Janet is one dedicated Facial Magic devotee! And her dedication to a better-looking face is paying off big time!

Wearing heavy facial wrinkles can mean that facial fat has been depleted and that’s exactly what Janet presented with her beginning photos.  

Her first blush using Facial Magic was not successful because the results she was craving did not come because she did not realize the importance of using gloves to anchor the muscle or muscle groups. She wondered why she was reading so many positive testimonials and she wasn’t one of them.

Thankfully, she reached out and as soon as she began wearing her gloves, the results began manifesting! Keep in mind that without the gloves, lifting can be minimal.

As you can see from her beginning photo – side view – her cheek muscles are flat and her entire face is moving south – droopy neck, loose skin, and a real challenge to make certain that Janet and everyone else who uses Facial Magic gets the results they expect.

The art of face lifting began in earnest as we have now worked together 12 weeks. We meet once a week for 30 minutes, sometimes more, and Janet practices her specialized training 6 days a week. Now she has begun our daily/weekly classes so that she’s actually pulling extra duty. 

Her “after” photos will be shot in November with hair, makeup and great lighting! 

This is her 12th week photo and we are pleased as punch!

If you have had a similar experience as Janet – minimal results – there is always a reason and usually that reason can be quickly identified and remedied. In Janet’s case, not wearing gloves crushed her hopes initially but we now see results weekly. That can happen to you! 

Reach out.