Little Dimples to Marionette Lines 

Marionette lines form at the edge of your mouth corners and if they’re not stopped in their tracks, there is only one way for them to go and that’s south. They etch their way easily, stealthily, downward, leaving grooves and folds and if you aren’t proactive with facial exercise, then you will look like your Great Aunt Hilda at a young age when those little “dimples” at the edge of your mouth turn into full-blown marionette lines.

Cheeks. If your cheeks have lost their oomph or they are losing firmness, just know that the very act of losing muscle tone can make your face appear heavier as gravity can lengthen muscles making them pool into other muscles or muscle groups affectingthe lower face.

As your cheek muscles lose their shape and tone, the lower face begins to experience the same shifting. Overtime, as the look of age is developing, this is when those dreaded marionette lines can become more noticeable.

There are other tell-tale signs that your facial muscles are beginning to soften:  eyebrows dropping, eye makeup not wearing well, crow’s feet and other lines, your smile looks different, your jawline isn’t quite as firm and sculpted, your under-chin skin is becoming flabby…and your mouth corners are likely drooping.

It’s a fact. Aging is inevitable and that includes aging in our faces. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, when we look closely at our faces, we can be shocked, even saddened that youthful beauty is departing. Taking good care of your face daily with superb products, eating organic, exercising at the spa, smiling often, thinking good thoughts…all good but not enough.

The cause of aging in our faces is muscle atrophy. Oh sure, there’s sun damage that attributes to splotches and even wrinkling but the real culprit of your face looking older is that your facial muscles need exercise…specific exercise to target wayward muscles that sap your confidence and create bad hair days.

Who wants to wear hooded eyes or nasal labial folds? Or Marionette lines?

Correcting, toning, lifting, sculpting and tightening facial muscles is possible using the Facial Magic® facial exercise system. The Facial Magic routine is easy to learn and takes only minutes a day to complete. Learning the routine is taught over nine weeks but it’s a program that you will want to use for the rest of your life.

Don’t wait to see those line develop! Start now to save your face!

Love your face! Exercise it!