Look Better in Photos – *FREE* Workshops for You

For the past year or so, I’ve been watching a most photogenic woman on Facebook who is quite beautiful. She poses with simple, artistic selfies. Her makeup is minimal, her hair is simple and natural and somehow, she always looks alluring.

It’s her face. She understands angles and lighting. Her colorful wardrobe reflects her fierceness. Color, background, and props complete the shoot.

She has learned the art of the perfect selfie and I have asked her to teach us “her magic.”

Curandera tells me unconventional poses are necessary to get the perfect shot. Creative makeup application is her specialty – she will teach us contouring, highlighting, wardrobe and even some fantasy tricks to develop that porcelain look that assures us we look perfect.

Lighting is key and I’m impressed with Curandera’s surprising techniques and suggestions to “get the shot” … I find her unique, quirky style refreshing because it works. Where is the best lighting in your house? Maybe it’s outdoors or in your bathroom or under the hood over your stove! She will help you understand the best lighting for your selfie.

But before that, you will want to learn how to pose. Be prepared to take a slew of photos throughout these classes while you discover strategic lighting and posing tips. Chin down? Chin lifted? Eyes lifted? Smile, no smile? Bright lipstick, lip gloss only?

Where’s the camera? What angle works best for your face and how do you know? What about your arms and your body angle?

What if your face isn’t “camera” ready? Double chin? Wattle? Pouches? Can you imagine your face lifted and tightened, sculpted so you look slimmer and better than you have in years?

Holidays are coming and that always entails photos with friends and family. With Curandera’s help, we can get ready to look smashing this season.  You can confidently share your selfie with your friends on social media.

We have scheduled the first installment of Curandera’s Look Better in Photos for Saturday, October 7th. More details are coming, and sign-ups begin September 15th. Each class runs approximately 15 minutes.