Loss of Facial Fat Can Cause Rapid Facial Aging

Loss of facial fat rarely returns.

Whether the result of losing the plumpness of youth is from extreme dieting or just plain stress, losing that valuable store of fat that plumps the cheeks and keeps your face wonderfully shaped, will likely result in rapid facial aging.

One of the biggest complaints of those who have used injectable weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wecovy (both manufactured by the same company), is that after losing a certain amount of weight their faces begin to look tired, drawn, less vibrant, even gaunt.

Even as we age, with or without weight loss drugs, facial fat loss is typically inevitable as a natural result of aging. We see this as our eye lids droop, lines develop at the edge of our eyes as we smile and then, at the side of your mouth, faint lines begin their formation at about age 30.

There are quite a few culprits that cause facial aging. None of these will be a surprise:  Sun damage, age, loss of collagen, muscle atrophy. But did you know that using certain “anti-aging skin tightening” devices and modalities can cause damage to your underlying fat supply by creating blisters and scarring topically with unwanted wrinkling later on.

Rapid loss of facial fat can also be attributed to extreme exercise. Jogging, bicycling and any physical activity that is over-done is likely to attribute to facial fat loss.

Poor nutrition sets up facial loss of fat. Natural, raw foods like avocados, blue berries, green leafy veggies, and other high antioxidant foods can have a very positive effect on your skin over highly processed foods. 

Using a collagen supplement is another viable way to encourage skin, bones, muscles, and blood to behave more youthfully. Collagen supplementation is especially important for those women who have experienced menopause. Choose non-GMO, organic when possible.

Keeping your body hydrated is another key to looking and feeling wonderful. Water does have a “plumping” effect. Drinking water won’t guarantee that your face will regrow the fat that has been lost, but keeping your body working at a tiptoe condition cannot be stressed enough.

Using fat injections to plump sagging skin that has resulted from facial fat loss is an option albeit an expensive, no guaranteed way that can produce adverse side effects, not to mention that over-injecting fat and other substances does not usually look natural or make you look pretty. These injections can make your face look older, less youthful, and certainly over-filled and remember, you paid for that!

Losing facial fat means your face will look flat, without contour or shape. From the under eye to the jaw, noticeable elongation will occur. Even your upper lip can begin to act differently and that can affect speech and word enunciation. Lisp?

The best physical remedy for loss of facial fat is to learn how to compensate by lifting, tightening, and toning your facial muscles and skin with Facial Magic®.