Men – Get Chiseled!

Men are waking up!  They’re becoming more aware that their facial features could use improving.

Take those bags under the eyes…a dead giveaway that age has creeped into his once wonderfully handsome face.

And that once tight, sculpted jawline is definitely sagging and needs an intervention – not a surgical intervention but a Facial Magic® intervention.

In years past, men would get to the gym to lift weights and work out their bodies. Those who lifted usually had great muscle structure that definitely showed in their body, but their facial features continued to soften and sag.

Men’s faces can appear in pretty good shape, especially if their faces are shaved daily. The very act of daily exfoliation goes a long way to keep a face looking youthful but after a while, as age creeps in, the once super handsome face can look jowly, soft, and misshapen, in need of a tune up.

In recent years, men have been using women’s skincare items and there have been quite a few skincare companies developed solely catering to the men’s market. Skin is our largest organ of the body and men’s faces need nourishment just like women’s faces.

Providing your guy with skincare might require a little finesse. But exercise introduction is different because guys look at their faces when shaving. They see what we see! They know their jawline is failing. They see lines on their forehead that may or may not provide a distinguished look.

Introducing them to the Upper Eye Exercise is extending a kindness to keep them from pursuing a surgical procedure when you see that their eyelids and eyebrows need immediate attention.

Waking up facial muscles with specific isometric resistance movements invigorates your brain. The sense of accomplishment builds confidence as your appearance begins to change as the life-changing exercises become more and more familiar.

Manly men get and stay chiseled with Facial Magic exercise.