Minimize Wrinkles Without Injections

Wrinkles make us look older than our years.

Just looking at your face and seeing those indelible lines can make you feel mad and sad. 

Crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles are a result of repetitive squinting/wrinkling. Laughing with your eyes? Repetitive wrinkling. Straining your eyes to improve your eye sight? Repetitive wrinkling. Frequently rubbing your eyes? Repetitive wrinkling.

Same with the “elevens” that develop between your brows. Every time you knit your brows together in concentration or an obvious frown, you are deepening those lines.

So how many times can you squint, frown, or contort your face before lines and wrinkles begin their development? Add sun damage, inadequate skincare, lack of hydration and environmental factors that can wreck faces all on their own and it won’t be long until you will look at your face with profound disappointment.

And horror because the choices you have for rehabilitation are slim.

There are injections that plump areas that need lifting rejuvenation and there are injections that will paralyze areas using toxins. Both methods have dangerous side effects. Both methods require upkeep and top offs. Not only is a financial commitment required, but you must realize that too many interventions via a needle may not produce the desired effects long term.

Skincare that incorporates alpha hydroxy, retinol, vitamin C and peptides will begin a profound transformation and with continued use, you’ll see brightness and new life develop in about 30 to 45 days. Consistency morning and nighttime, lovingly caring for your face will definitely make a huge difference.

There’s more.

Increasing your hydration by drinking spring water does a body good so make certain your water intake is measured in quarts, not tiny ounces. Two quarts, 64 ounces of water, is usually recommended.

Consider adding a facial exercise routine to your beauty regimen. Lifting, strengthening and tightening facial muscles will help your face look years younger and the appearance of lines and wrinkles will be greatly minimized.