Mother Nature is so Kind!

Middle-aged man in bathroom applying facial lotion

Another telephone call, another email from Facial Magic users who tell me that they are constantly told how great they look, how young their faces look after all these years and boy, oh boy, their jawlines look tight and youthful, their foreheads are lineless and the dreaded wattle has passed them by!

Regrettably, most of these faithful users who have returned the look of youthfulness to their faces, will not disclose to anyone, the how or why they look so great.

I know why.

They want people to believe that Mother Nature has been remarkably kind to them. And she has!

Just think, your good looks are likely the result of an investment in you. You go to the gym, you eat better than most, you get proper rest and you don’t overdo alcohol or pharmaceuticals. When you add Facial Magic to the mix your face, your body shouts youthfulness!

Sharing Facial Magic with your circle of friends just might be the most important information they will receive.

There are many men and women who lack confidence in their appearance. They look in the mirror and they see what you see. They don’t want to wear a droopy face and they don’t want to spend needless money on repetitive injections or subject themselves to surgical procedures that have no guarantee of success.

Perhaps you’ve fallen away from the Facial Magic routine and would like to restart your routine. Let me help you do that: put on your gloves and walk to the mirror. Perform the upper eye exercise…5 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds. Don’t forget to close your eyes on the 7th second…

Perform the upper cheek exercise next…lifting your cheek muscles will bring much needed blood flow to your face…again, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds. Can you commit to these two exercises for 6 days in a row?

The Facial Magic routine has many variations that are taught during the weekly online classes. Let me know if you would like to sample a week of *Free* classes. Send me an email: with Free Class in the subject line. *You must have purchased a Facial Magic Starter Kit to be eligible for this promotion.