Prevent Upper Eye Sag

You may not readily notice but your eyebrows are slowly and surely repositioning.

As your eyebrows move south at an iceberg’s pace, if you are over the age of 30, soon you will begin to realize when you look in the mirror that eye makeup doesn’t look quite right or that mascara seems to drift.

Even the most beautiful women will experience upper eye sag.

When the eyebrows drop, the skin around the eyes becomes compromised – it begins softening. Gravity comes into play and before you know it, lines and creases are invading your eyelids and crow’s feet are lengthening into your upper cheeks when you smile.

Skincare will not correct this. Even laser treatments and light treatments will eventually fail. Repetitive movements like smiling and squinting will undo the effects and soon, those lines will become apparent.

The best way to correct and prevent upper eye sag is using Facial Magic® facial exercise.

Rather than pumping your face with chemicals or relying on a surgeon’s hand to lift your sagging eyebrows, you can start now and be in control of how your face ages as you age.

Your beautiful face can reclaim its youthful look.

Facial Magic is a strength building, muscle enhancing facial exercise program that will teach you 18 specific exercises to retrain the underlying muscles so that you look better and better. 

The exercise to prevent and correct upper eye sag is learned in Week One. There are two exercises learned each week and performed six days in a row.

Exercising six days in a row using the Facial Magic Upper Eye exercise will begin repositioning your brows and strengthening the upper eye area. You will notice that this motion lifts the outer eye as well so the look of crow’s feet will be minimized over time.Here is the link that demonstrates how easily your upper eyes, brows, and forehead can benefit from just one exercise: