Problem skin? Untimely breakouts?

Young women aren’t the only ones who can experience the heartbreak of problem skin.

Perhaps as a teenager, you experienced acne that lasted until your mid-twenties. In those years you probably tried every popular acne medication from pink facials to tubes of specialized creams. Even prescription facial preparations and restricted diets didn’t really work to improve the condition of your skin. Eruptions continued.

Adult acne is a very real challenge. This condition has many aspects – too much oil production can result in clogged pores. This allows bacteria to collect and then fester over time into full-blown inflamed skin with red pustules acting as a neon light calling attention to every blemish on your face. 

Scrubbing your face like the kitchen floor won’t banish those blackheads. Picking or poking inflamed areas won’t produce the smooth, blemish-free skin you want. Avoiding certain foods usually isn’t the culprit either.

We must look deeper into other possible causes. Certain medications can cause breakouts but usually, hormonal changes and stress are likely culprits. Another offense is using inadequate products on your face. You certainly aren’t holding your phone with your chin, are you?

So how is adult acne best dealt with? EXFOLIATION!

When your face is regularly exfoliated, your pores cannot be easily clogged. That means every night before bedtime and again the next morning, a gentle cleansing exfoliating face wash must be used. In addition to cleansing your face, you must also consider using a toner to make certain that every trace of makeup or product is removed every time you cleanse your face.

A clean face with clean pores is the name of the game. Finishing with a toner assures that your facial skin is ready for the next steps – serums, treatments and moisturizers. 

A word about treatments…acids, i.e., lactic, hyaluronic, and glycolic are acids. They work wonders to resurface your skin, but you must add back moisture, or your skin may feel and act dry.