Puffy Cheeks, a Pinched, Droopy Nose and Sagging Jowls  

It’s amusing to watch faces – especially aging faces that want to look younger but …

Spendable cash, credit card debt, and less than deep pockets have a bearing on how much anyone is willing to spend to make themselves look younger.

When faces appear with puffy cheeks, a pinched, droopy nose, and sagging jowls that is a clear indication that there really wasn’t enough funds in play to actually purchase a full face and neck lift, so the end result isn’t as pleasing as one would expect.

Think about this:  your smile is changing, your upper cheeks are not in the right position, they’re sliding downward, creating nasal labia folds and sagging jowls are beginning to show. Your entire face looks spongy and tired no matter how much sleep you’ve had, so you visit a plastic surgeon to determine what can be done, in what time frame, and the cost required.

Having your upper cheeks enhanced with fillers seems like a great idea – right?

You’ve stood in front of your mirror lifting the sides of your face wishfully hoping your face would stay that way without intervention but alas, just the opposite is occurring. 

The crowd at the water cooler and the gals who hang out talk plastic surgery and injections time after time, always discussing the latest and greatest bold interventions for facial rejuvenation but…

These modalities have risks – risks that far outweigh redness at the injection site, risk of infection and imperfection, and even death is possible – all in the name of beauty and facial rehabilitation. 

The most impressive alternative to facial plastic surgery and drugs that plump and paralyze various regions of your face is the proven facial exercise program from Facial Magic® that promises to lift, tone and tighten sagging facial features without using anything harmful. All regions of your face and neck, yes, even your nose tip, will be fully exercised at the end of your nine-week training.

Choosing exercise means you can workout at home without incurring babysitting or parking costs. You won’t have to purchase special workout clothing or cringe at a large outlay of funds because Facial Magic is practically free because you will enjoy many training aids as well as online training to assure your results are at your fingertips.

Forget puffy cheeks that can miss the mark and look fake. Learn to take control of your face and lift those areas of concern naturally, without anything harmful or terribly expensive. Stop a droopy nose tip and return the look of youthfulness to your face when you learn the Facial Magic secrets of sculpting your face and neck using only your thumbs and fingers, and that includes your jowls.