Real Results Deeper Than Skincare  

Skincare can be disappointing.

You slather and slather every night and faithfully wash your face even when you’ve had an exhausting day, no matter what, makeup comes off and treatments go on.

You wake up the next day and guess what? Nothing has changed! You still have the droopy cheeks you went to bed with, and that darn wattle can no longer be cleverly disguised with scarves or long hair.

You see, as important as our skincare routine is, skincare is not enough to correct what is happening on your face beneath your skin. There are tiny, unseen muscles that create the shape of your face and support your skin. When those muscles begin to soften and lengthen, your facial features begin to change and shift over time.

Think about it. Years ago, your photos revealed a beautiful face. No lines, no droops or folds, just a tight, toned face. Everything about your face, until you reached your late 30’s, looked really good.

And then, little hints began. Ignored at first, but Mother Nature can be cruel and persistent.

The 11’s between your brows showed up and the distance between your eyebrows and eye lashes diminished. Crow’s feet began to make their appearance every time you smiled…you realize it’s more than just a crinkle. Even applying mascara is challenging.

How do you stop the aging in your face if skincare doesn’t reach the targeted areas that need attention?

You need a facelift!

A Facial Magic® facelift. A process that returns your facial features to a more youthful look without surgery, seams, injections, drugs, time off work, or disappointment.

Using Facial Magic just minutes a day assures that your face begins to lift from Day One. This highly specialized, proven routine of facial exercise targets 15 regions of the face and neck with 18 exercises that are learned over 9 weeks.

Learn two Facial Magic exercises each week, each exercise requires 35 seconds of contraction so in the beginning the routine is easily performed quickly. When all 18 exercises are performed, the routine can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

This at-home DYI facelift program, used by many worldwide, will help your face look 10 – 15 years younger in just 9 to 12 weeks.

Now, when you use your skincare, your face will look better and better! No matter if you’re 30 or 80, your face will benefit from Facial Magic facial exercises.