Resting Those Tiny Facial Muscles is Good for You!

That statement might sound like a misnomer but it’s true! 

Do you work out regularly at the spa or gym? Do you train 3 to 5 days a week?

Most who train their bodies prefer 30 minutes five times a week. Physical activity can be moderate to intense depending on your goal because body building comes in many forms.

If you choose to build huge muscles, then more gym time each day is required to make that happen but if you want to tone and tighten your body, then 20 minutes of thoughtful, well-designed movements can reshape your physique.

Exercising from the neck down consistently takes dedication. Showing up at your favorite workout place 3 to 5 times each week, week-after-week, earns you the “gym rat” title. Weight training, resistance training, walking, and bicycling are practical ways to get your body in shape. 

Your trainer or whoever supervises you at your workout facility will insist that you take 1-2 days off each week to refocus your mind as you allow your body to adapt to its new changes.

Resting your facial muscles 24 hours after your workout and at the end of every six days for an entire day allows the endorphins and other fabulous anti-aging helpers like collagen to work their magic under the skin.

Our minds and our muscles work together to create the most amazing outcomes. 

When you train using Facial Magic® you are visualizing your desire using your mirror – ideally you watch every move closely, not distracted by television or internet, but focusing your mind on the task at hand.

Training one-on-one with me creates focus on each movement we perform. There is nothing distracting you and what’s so amazing is that each of you see amazing changes when you relax into allowing your facial muscles to lift.

After you have completed an initial 12 weeks of training, perform Facial Magic exercise 3 -4 days per week to maintain your facelift. Jump on our daily training so that you always have a partner….me!