Retinol for Nightime Use Only

From dark spots to acne, from fine lines and wrinkles to rough, damaged, discolored facial skin, Retinol used at nighttime is certain to make you smile when you consistently slather before bedtime.

Retinol is the most researched anti-aging tool according to anti-aging physicians who recommend its use.  Wrinkles, elasticity, dark spots, acne and more can be successfully treated with retinol.

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that treats and reverses sun damaged skin as it decreases fine lines and wrinkles. Cell turnover is accelerated using Retinol. This means that your new, pink, delicate skin is not to be exposed to sunlight and when it is, SPF30 is recommended daily.

Retinol exfoliates old, dead, gray cells to reveal new skin and a more even skin tone. You’ll notice how your facial skin is softer and smoother after just a couple of months. Large pores seem to fade away as collagen production is stimulated.

If you have acne and acne scars, Retinol, an anti-inflammatory, will certainly play an important role for your skin’s recovery.

So why use this most potent anti-aging product at nighttime only?

Our bodies renew overnight and Retinol gives your face the go-ahead to do just that.

It is not recommended that you use Retinol during the daytime. It is not recommended that you use other daytime beauty products that contain Retinol because sunlight erodes the effectiveness of Retinol.

Treat your skin at night with Retinol two or three times weekly for the first two weeks to see how your skin responds. Cleanse first, use a toner, eye treatment and then Retinol. It’s important that you moisturize your skin and apply a hydrating product over the Retinol.  We recommend the new Facial Magic Firming Peptide – it’s the perfect complement to keep your skin well hydrated overnight.

Begin to use the Retinol nightly to see even more improvement.

Our new SPF30 is the perfect beige tinted mousse to use either under makeup or alone. It’s silky and feels like velvet on your skin.