Saggy Breasts and Haggard Cheeks – Thanks Ozempic!

Saggy breasts and haggard, droopy cheeks are just two of the most cited side effects of using Ozempic. Sure, we’ve read how Sharon Osborne and other stars have suffered their share of aging faces from injecting themselves month after month but…

These not-so-flattering side effects affect more than just celebs. Everyday men and women who may or may not suffer from diabetes but suffer from only wanting to look better by shedding extra pounds and inches, have opted to inject themselves once a week with a drug designed to curb the appetite.

Eating less food whether with the help of drugs or willpower will definitely produce weight loss. Think Weight Watchers® or the HCG 500 calorie a day diet, restricting the intake of food, especially carbs, will result in weight loss.

Interesting stories are beginning to reveal even more health scares and concerns surrounding the use of Semaglutide drugs. One particular side effect is that the stomach no longer empties food regularly as the process of elimination is greatly reduced. Some users even believe their stomachs are paralyzed while others wretch on a regular basis.

Losing weight means losing volume throughout the body. First, we might notice that rings and shoes may fit differently but when accelerated weight loss is in evidence, waist, tummy, hips, thighs, and your face will demonstrate a thinner you.

Planning an eating plan when there is very little hunger presents a situation of malnutrition if the “fasting” continues over a few months. Even drinking a glass or two of wine can cause quite a gastronomical upset. 

Many have tried and tried to lose weight. The unsuccessful ability to easily shed unwanted pounds has plagued them for so long that the thought of Ozempic’s almost magical powers seemed like a dream. Finally, thin!

But then, the “Ozempic face” began to appear. Accelerated aging affecting arms, thighs, tummy, and the face slowly became flabby, drawn, even haggard looking as the much-needed fat that defined your beautiful face became severely depleted and it likely wasn’t returning.

Celebrity plastic surgeons are ready with scalpels and injections – of course these are the recommendations by those who practice these modalities. Also recommended is that patients follow a high protein diet with added strength training, and resistance exercises.

Strength training? Resistance training?  That’s exactly how Facial Magic® facial exercise stops the sagging face. Everyone who loses weight quickly will develop softening, lengthening skin that can accentuate already existing wrinkles.

Rather than use injected fillers for facial volume like Hyperdilute Radiesse, or fat transfers that may disappoint, Facial Magic facial exercise just might be the better choice because facial exercise using resistance training with contraction begins to encourage the production of collagen in the face. Strengthening the underlying facial muscles with Facial Magic facial exercise plumps the skin so you look better and better.

If you plan to add Ozempic to your weight reduction battle, take a few moments to check out the Adkin’s High Protein Diet and consider beginning the best proven facial exercise program to head-off droopy, sagging skin in the future – Facial Magic.

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