Save Your Face with Isometric Exercise

Saving your face using isometric facial exercise saves you from a lifetime of a continuous outlays of cash, needless pricks, multiple nips and tucks along with unintended mistakes that require revisions.

Certainly, your face is worth saving!

Imagine that you can successfully lift sagging eyebrows and tighten crepey eyelids using isometric exercise. Rather than spending thousands of dollars, having both eyelids cut and sutured, recuperating for the next few weeks while swelling and discoloration subsides, you can easily begin the process of repositioning your brows and tightening your lids. Even your current crop of crow’s feet will begin to diminish as the underlying muscles respond to the isometric movements. Most of all, the lifting of the upper face and forehead will be seen and felt immediately.

Isometric movements work quickly in 35 second increments to encourage the underlying muscle or muscle groups to respond by shortening and tightening. This action impacts your facial skin providing nutrients from extra blood flow. Skin becomes radiant and revitalized, lifted, as the muscles respond to the isometric contractions.

When isometric exercise is used throughout the face, the results are a natural facelift.

Most users look and feel years younger than their peers because when you look good, you feel good. Exercise does that for the body and especially for the face.

Are your cheeks flattening? Sagging?

What about your jawline? Can you see how the upper cheek muscle has invaded your jawline?

And are you wearing a wattle or a large double chin?

Perhaps you’ve tried facial exercise, but you didn’t get the results you wanted. That’s pretty typical if you chose training that taught twists, puckers, funny faces and contortions or you were required to perform the exercise routine more than once a day. You probably quickly tired of this time-consuming activity because there were no observable results.

What if you could tone, tighten and lift your entire face with a proven, isometric facial exercise program that could be completed in less time than you imagined.