Short Stubby Eyelashes

Thankfully, I was blessed with longer, not necessarily thicker, but longer eyelashes that I could curl and coat with mascara to make them appear outstanding.

When the eyelash enhancement craze began, I toyed with the idea of using a chemical application of an eyelash growth substance that would boost my eyelashes but at the same time, I was leery of the products and possible side effects.

After all, using a prescription meant all sorts of possible side effects were in play, more than just turning blue eyes brown.

Discussing the eyelash craze with my optometrist, he told me that in order to have fuller eye lashes, our lashes must be kept clean and moisturized. He explained that by specifically washing our eyelashes, the follicles would again produce fuller looking lashes.

The best way to specifically wash your eyelashes is in the shower while washing your hair. Using your three middle fingertips of each hand, gently scrub your lashes horizontally (back and forth) 15 – 20 times. That’s it! Just regularly scrub your eyelashes and they, most likely, will strengthen and grow.

Healthier, fuller looking eyelashes and eyebrows rely on certain vitamin supplements and oil treatments like castor oil. Amino acids, biotin, B vitamins, zinc, Vitamin D and more are all recommended supplements for hair growth and that includes your eyelashes.

Organic and hexane-free castor oil may increase hair growth but there are no clear scientific studies that fully demonstrate that; however, using castor oil on your lashes does nourish and strengthen them. You might want to treat your eyebrows with castor oil before bedtime if they’re thinning and need a boost.

Have you tried the magnetic lashes? This innovative product sounds like a step up from messy glue and strips of hair that are supposed to look natural. The ease of use, wearability and wide range of lengths make magnetic lashes a very attractive enhancement. No side effects either…just prettier eyes.

There are quite a few tutorials regarding easy on and easy off so why not give them a try?  I will!

Watch a Video About Magnetic Lashes